Meal Plan

Meal Plan

The following meal plans are available:


Payments are due to the treasurer at the beginning of each month. The treasurer also collects receipts on food. If Spanish House owes you any money, the treasurer will give you a check for the balance as soon as possible, if requested. Monthly payments are subject to change depending on the average cost of meals for the month.


If you cannot make it to dinner on a particular night, you can sign up for a save in advance through the Saves Spreadsheet. The latest you can make a save is 5:45 p.m that day.


Members of the Full Resident Meal Plan are allowed to bring one guest per week to dinner.

Resident Roles

As a La Casa resident, you must participate in the house meal plan. This means helping out in one of the following roles:

Grocery Gangsters

Typically a role for two seniors, grocery gangsters are in charge of going grocery shopping every Sunday for the ingredients requested from each cooking team that week. The house reimburses them.

Study Breaks

We assign two members for study breaks. Their job is to prepare a study break event for the house at least once every two weeks. Study break patners request groceries from the Grocery Gangsters, cook for the event, and clean afterwards.

Cooking and Cleaning

The majority of the house members cook and clean. You will be paired with a partner for the semester with whom you will cook and clean. (New residents are paired with a more experienced cooking partner.) Each cooking team alternates each week between cooking and cleaning on the day of the week that best fits your schedule for the semester. For example, if you and your partner are scheduled for Monday, then you will cook on Monday for one week and then setup/clean after the other Monday team the following week.

Cooking takes anywhere from two to three hours, and you cook on the day that best fits your schedule for the semester. Dinner is served at 6:15 pm but can be pushed back to 6:30 pm at the latest. If you know you will not be able to cook, it is your responsibility to find a replacement to switch with you. Cooking partners are required to put away all of the dishes in the drying rack before preparing the meal.


Dishes may not be bought pre-prepared. The menu must consist of the following dishes:


The Grocery Gangsters are responsible for buying the food and ingredients for the dinners each week. Cooking teams are expected to be aware of expenses and stay within budget.


On the week you are not cooking, it is your duty to setup for dinner and make saves. Be there at least 30 minutes before dinner starts to make drinks (water, powdered mix tea, etc.), make saves for those who requested, and bring out the meal to the dining area.


Cleaning should take around an hour and should include the following:


Cooking Fines

One of the purposes of Spanish House is for the members to come together and enjoy a meal. Try to aim for an average of 25 people, if you know more people come on certain days, then please accommodate.

Failure to provide each of the dishes listed below will result in a $15 fine per cooking partner.

Combining one or both sides with your entrée is prohibited. Special exceptions must be requested ahead of time and may be granted by the cooking chair.

Cooking any of the items listed below will result in a $15 fine per cooking partner:

Failure to provide dinner will result in a $200 fine.

Cleaning Fines